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Apocryphal Books


The Vulgate Bible contains a number of books which are not found in many Protestant Bibles. The so-called “King James” version of the Bible designated a number of books found in the Vulgate Bible as apocryphal. When the King James Bible was first printed in 1611, these apocryphal books were still included, but labeled as apocryphal, while more recent editions of the King James Bible and other Protestant Bible translations do not include these apocryphal books at all.


As a result, there are some books included in the Vulgate Latin Bible which may be unknown to you, such as Tobit, Judith, the Wisdom of Solomon, Sirach, Esdras, Baruch, and Maccabees, as well as additions to the books of Daniel and Esther. If your Bible of reference is the King James version, but you do not find these books in your Bible, you can use the Internet to locate the King James versions of each of these books. Remember: it is not that these books were excluded from the King James version; they were simply labeled as apocryphal. In my opinion, it is quite regrettable that the apocryphal books are, in general, no longer printed in Protestant Bibles, and I would be delighted if reading these verses were to provide you with an opportunity to make your first acquaintance with these beautiful Biblical texts.


New Advent: Latin text of the Vulgate, including apocrypha


University of Michigan: English text of King James version of the Bible, including apocrypha




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