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Vulgate Verses 99: Latin


1259. (Mark 16:6) Nolite expavescere.

1260. (Mark 6:50) Ego sum; nolite timere.

1261. (Tobit 12:17) Pax vobis; nolite timere.

1262. (Luke 12:32) Nolite timere, pusillus grex.

1263. (I Thess. 5:19) Spiritum nolite extinguere.

1264. (Eph. 4:27) Nolite locum dare diabolo.

1265. (II Kings 17:35) Nolite timere deos alienos.

1266. (Matt. 7:6) Nolite dare sanctum canibus.

1267. (John 6:43) Nolite murmurare in invicem.

1268. (Heb. 3:15) Nolite obdurare corda vestra.

1269. (Neh. 8:9) Nolite lugere et nolite flere.


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