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Vulgate Verses 112: Latin


1415. (Exodus 20:13) Non occides.

1416. (Exodus 20:15) Non furtum facies.

1417. (Deut. 19:21) Animam pro anima exiges.

1418. (Deut. 19:21) Oculum pro oculo exiges.

1419. (Psalms 34:21) Interficiet impium malitia.

1420. (Nahum 1:13) Vincula tua disrumpam.

1421. (Isaiah 45:2) Portas aereas conteram.

1422. (Hosea 2:18) Gladium et bellum conteram de terra.

1423. (Wisdom 5:18) Accipiet pro galea iudicium certum.

1424. (Proverbs 6:9) Usquequo, piger, dormis? Quando consurges ex somno tuo?


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