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Vulgate Verses 114: Latin


1442. (Mark 16:18) Serpentes tollent.

1443. (Isaiah 11:7) Leo quasi bos comedet paleas.

1444. (Mark 16:17) In nomine meo daemonia eicient.

1445. (Isaiah 26:9) Iustitiam discent habitatores orbis.

1446. (Isaiah 11:4) Arguet in aequitate pro mansuetis terrae.

1447. (Isaiah 2:20) Proiciet homo idola argenti sui et simulacra auri sui.

1448. (Micah 4:3) Concident gladios suos in vomeres et hastas suas in ligones.

1449. (Matt. 25:33) Statuet oves quidem a dextris suis, haedos autem a sinistris.

1450. (Sirach 28:17) Flagelli plaga livorem facit; plaga autem linguae comminuet ossa.

1451. (Judges 13:3) Sterilis es et absque liberis, sed concipies et paries filium.

1452. (Ecc. 2:16) Futura tempora oblivione cuncta pariter obruent.

1453. (Zech. 1:5) Patres vestri ubi sunt? Et prophetae numquid in sempiternum vivent?


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