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Welcome to the Wiki


This wiki website accompanies the Lulu books, Latin Via Proverbs: 4000 Proverbs, Mottoes and Sayings for Students of Latin and Vulgate Verses: 4000 Sayings from the Bible for Teachers and Students of Latin. In both of these books, the materials are arranged according to grammatical categories, in "groups" of 10-20 items for study and review. Here at this website, you can find the contents of all the groups, although in order to see clearly the arrangement of the grammatical categories, you will need to obtain a copy of the book, where the grammatical categories are indicated by running footers at the bottom of each page in the book. The main function of this wiki is to allow you to Search the books, and also to provide Study Guides (with English translations, specific grammar commentary, audio, etc.).


Searching the Wiki


The wiki contains the text of all 4000 proverbs from Latin Via Proverbs, plus all 4000 verses from Vulgate Verses, arranged group by group. There are actually two ways to search these proverbs and verses. For a simple substring search, just use the search box that is located in the top right-hand corner of each page of this wiki. For a more complex search, using wild cards and Boolean operators, visit the dedicated Search Page.


Study Guides at the Wiki


Latin Via Proverbs Study Guides: So far, I have written Study Guides for Groups 1 through 149 (Sample Study Guide). You can see the latest additions to the Latin Via Proverbs Study Guides at the Latin Via Proverbs blog. (I also have prepared a Study Guide for Latin Via Proverbs and Wheelock and I am in the process of developing Latin Via Proverbs for Oerberg's Lingua Latina.)


Vulgate Verses Study Guides: In 2008, I will be adding Study Guides for the Vulgate Verses, and you will be able to find those guides announced at the Vulgate Verses blog.


Audio at AudioLatin.com


As I develop the Study Guides, I am also developing audio files to accompany these materials. You can hear the latest audio additions to the Study Guides at the AudioLatin.com. For each group of proverbs or verses that has audio recordings available, you will see the yellow audio icon displayed here at the wiki. Click on the link to find the audio recordings online at AudioLatin.com.


In addition, you can find audio materials at AudioLatinProverbs.com. There is even an Audio Latin Proverb of the Day which you can add to your website, using a simple javascript. For instructions and more information, visit the SchoolhouseWidgets.com website.




Please feel free to leave your comments and questions here! Make sure you include an email address if you would like me to reply to you directly.



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