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Group 20: Latin


264. Tempus est vitae magister.

265. Necessitas artis magistra.

266. Fames artium magistra.

267. Iustitia virtutum regina.

268. Veritas temporis filia.

269. Labor gloriae pater.

270. Impius lucri furor.

271. Improvisa leti vis.

272. Tempus magistrorum optimus est.

273. Nimia gula morborum mater est.

274. Vera philosophia mortis est meditatio.

275. Musica laetitiae comes, medicina dolorum.


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Study Guide


264. Time is life's teacher. (Compare the similar sayings in Latin Via Proverbs Group 3, Philosophia vitae magistra and Historia magistra vitae.)


265. Necessity is the teacher of skill. (Compare the similar English saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention.")


266. Hunger is the teacher of skills. (In other word, when you're hungry, you'll learn the skills it takes to survive.)


267. Justice is the queen of the virtues. (Notice that because iustitia, "justice," is a feminine noun in Latin, she is the "queen" of the virtues, rather than the "king," rex.)


268. Truth is the daughter of time. (In other words, time brings truth into the world. Because veritas, "truth" is a feminine noun, she is the filia, the "daughter" of time, rather than its son, filius. You can see an emblem with this saying as a motto in Whitney's Choice of Emblems.)


269. Effort the father of glory. (Because labor, "effort," is a masculine noun, he is the pater, the "father" of glory.)


270. Wicked is the madness for money. (This phrase is adapted from Seneca's Phaedra.)


271. Unexpected is the power of death. (This phrase is adapted from a poem by Horace.)


272. Time is the best of teachers. (Notice that the word optimus does not have a noun that it agrees with. Instead, you need to understand that it is part of an implied phrase optimus magister magistrorum, the best teacher (among all) the teachers.)


273. Excessive eating is the mother of sicknesses. (The Latin word gula means "throat" but it also stands for eating, gobbling food down the gullet.)


274. The true philosophy is a meditation on death. (This definition of philosophy is found in Cassiodorus, Isidore, etc.)


275. Music is the companion of joy, and a remedy for sorrows. (This is a motto that was often inscribed on musical instruments.)

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