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Group 26: Latin


349. Sine iustitia nulla libertas.

350. Nemo iudex sine lege.

351. Nulla poena sine lege.

352. Leges sine moribus vanae.

353. Nulla sine sole umbra.

354. Navis viator sine vestigiis.

355. Palma non sine pulvere.

356. Nemo sine sapientia beatus est.

357. Vita sine libris mors est.

358. Sine doctrina vita est quasi imago mortis.

359. Doctus sine opera ut nubes est sine pluvia.

360. Otium sine litteris mors est et hominis vivi sepultura.





Study Guide


349. Without justice there is no freedom. (You can see this motto on the Palace of Justice in the city of Assen in the Netherlands.)


350. No judge without law. (This is a Latin motto that could come in handy for those folks who are bitterly opposed to judges who seem to be making the laws.)


351. No punishment without law. (The idea is that someone should not be punished unless they have actually broken a law. You can read an article about this legal principle at wikipedia.)


352. Laws without character are worthless. (You can read a commentary on a similar saying at the AudioLatinProverbs.com.)


353. Without the sun, there is no shade. (This is a saying that can be found as a motto on sundials.)


354. A ship is a traveller without tracks. (Ships travel but since they travel on water, they obviously cannot leave behind footsteps, so there is no "vestige" of their path over the ocean. This is a phrase adapted from the medieval question-and-answer Dialogue of Pippin and Alcuin.)


355. No palm without dust. (The palm referred to here is the palm of victory in an athletic competition. The idea is that you cannot hope for glory without hard work and effort. This is a popular motto for schools, as you can see here for Fredericton High School in New Brunswick, Canada.)


356. No one without wisdom can be blessed. (You can read a brief essay about this saying at the AudioLatinProverbs.com blog.)


357. Life without books is death. (Compare a phrase made famous by Eco's Name of the Rose: monasterium sine libris est sicut mensa sine cibis, "A monastery without books is like a table without food.")


358. Without learing life is like an image of death. (This is one of the sayings included in the Distichs of Cato.)


359. A learned man without works is like a cloud without rain. (Although most Latin students focus on the use of the word ut to introduce result and purpose clauses, it is also very commonly used in Latin to introduce comparisons, as here.)


360. Leisure without literature is death and burial for a living man. (You can read a brief essay about this proverb at the AudioLatinProverbs.com blog.)


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