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Group 35: Latin


477. Omne rarum carum.

478. Omne bonum trium.

479. Omne trium est perfectum.

480. Omne initium difficile.

481. Omne vivum ex ovo.

482. Omne pulchrum amabile.

483. Omne bonum dei donum.

484. Omne nimium non bonum.

485. Omne in amore malum leve est.

486. Non omne dulce bonum.

487. Omne solum viro patria est.

488. Omne solum forti patria est ut piscibus aequor.





Study Guide


477. Everything that is uncommon is expensive. (You can find this sentiment expressed in one of the drinking songs in the medieval Carmina Burana.)


478. Everything good thing is a set of three. (Compare the English saying, "All good things come in threes.")


479. Every set of three is complete. (A fuller form of this phrase is Omne trium perfectum, binum vero imperfectum, "Every set of three is complete, while a set of two is incomplete.")


480. Every beginning is difficult. (You could probably divide tasks into two completely different categories: the ones that are hard to start, as this saying tells us, but then those projects that are so easy to start... but so hard to actually finish!)


481. Every living thing is from an egg. (You can read a brief essay about this saying at the AudioLatinProverbs.com blog.)


482. Every beautiful thing is lovable. (You can see this saying invoked in Robert Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy: "As Proclus holds, Omne pulchrum amabile, every fair thing is amiable, and what we love is fair and gracious in our eyes, or at least we do so apprehend and still esteem of it.") Omne pulchrum amabile.


483. Every good thing is god's gift. (This popular phrase is a motto of the Edwards family.)


484. Every excess is not good. (The word nimium is usually found as an adverb, but here it is used as if it were a noun: "every thing (done to) excess.")


485. Every problem in love is light. (This phrase is adapted from one of the elegies of Propertius.)


486. Not everything sweet is good. (This is part of a larger passage in Thomas a Kempis: Non enim omne altum sanctum, nec omne desiderium purum, nec omne dulce bonum, nec omne carum gratum Deo, "For not every lofty thing is holy, not every longing is pure, not every sweet thing is good, not every precious thing is pleasing to God.")


487. Every land is a fatherland for a real man. (This is adapted from the Fasti of Ovid.)


488. Every land is a fatherland for the strong, as all water is for the fishes. (You can read a brief essay about this saying at the AudioLatinProverbs.com blog.)


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