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Group 36: Latin


489. O si sic omnia!

490. Omnia rara cara.

491. Omnia bona bonis.

492. Omnia Romae cum pretio.

493. Omnia somnia mendacia.

494. Omnia sapientibus facilia.

495. Omnia possibilia apud deum.

496. Omnia providentia dei.

497. Ab Iove principium, Iovis omnia plena.

498. Dei plena sunt omnia.

499. Stultorum plena sunt omnia.

500. Amicorum sunt communia omnia.

501. Extrema omnia sunt vitiosa.

502. Vanitas vanitatum, omnia vanitas.

503. Dulces ante omnia Musae.





Study Guide


489. Oh, if all things were like this! (You might want to supply a verb here in English, even though the Latin does not need a verb: "Oh, if only all things were like this!")


490. All exotic things are expensive. (The Latin word carus means both "dear" and "expensive." In English, the use of "dear" to mean "expensive" is very old-fashioned.)


491. All good things for those who are good. (Compare a similar saying in Ecclesiasticus: Bona bonis creata sunt ab initio, "Good things were created for the good from the beginning.")


492. All things are available in Rome, for a price. (This is a sentiment expressed in one of Juvenal's Satires.)


493. All dreams are deceptive. (Of course, not everyone in the ancient world shared this belief that all dreams were deceptive. For an explanation of why some dreams are true and some are false, you can consult this Aesop's fable.)


494. All things are easy for the wise. (You can read a brief essay about this proverb at the AudioLatinProverbs.com blog.)


495. All things are possible with god. (Here is a fuller form of the saying from the Book of Matthew: Apud homines hoc impossibile est: apud Deum autem omnia possibilia sunt, "With people, this is an impossible thing; with God, however, all things are possible.")


496. All things are from the providence of god. (Notice that here the word providentia is in the ablative case.)


497. From the god Jupiter is the beginning; all things are full of the god. (You will find this in one of Vergil's Eclogues.)


498. All things are full of God. (Notice that the Latin adjective plenus, takes the genitive, as in the English expression "full of.")


499. All things are full of fools. (This biting observation is found in one of Cicero's letters.)


500. All the things that friends have are shared. (You can read a brief essay about this proverb at the AudioLatinProverbs.com blog.)


501. All extremes are bad. (Compare the positive assessment of the things in the middle, as opposed to the extremes: 471. Mediocria firma.)


502. Emptiness of emptinesses, all things are emptiness. (This is a sentiment, "vanity of vanities," which is expressed in the Book of Ecclesiastes.)


503. Above all things, the Muses are sweet. (You can find this sentiment expressed in Vergil's Georgics.)


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