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Group 45: Latin


607. Excelsior.

608. Calvior cucurbita.

609. Mitior columba.

610. Loquacior graculo.

611. Ditior Croeso.

612. Surdior saxis.

613. Ocior cervis.

614. Ocior accipitre.

615. Mollior fungis.

616. Dulciora super mel et favum.

617. Et genus et virtus, nisi cum re, vilior alga est.





Study Guide


607. Higher! (You can read a commentary on this saying, which is the state motto of New York, at the Latin Audio Proverbs blog.)


608. Balder than a pumpkin. (You can read a commentary on this saying at the Latin Audio Proverbs blog.)


609. Milder than a dove. (You can read a commentary on this saying at the Latin Audio Proverbs blog.)


610. More talkative than a jackdaw. (There are a variety of proverbially noisy birds in Latin, and you will also find the sayings turdo loquacior, "more talkative than a thrush," and turture loquacior, "more talkative than a turtle dove.")


611. Richer than Croesus. (You can read a commentary on this saying, with information about King Croesus of Lydia, at the Latin Audio Proverbs blog.)


612. More deaf than stones. (You can find a similar saying, scopulis surdior, "more deaf than rocky crags," in Horace.)


613. Swifter than the deer. (The proverbially swift stag can be found in Horace.)


614. Swifter than a hawk. (This is a saying that made its way into Erasmus's Adagia, 3.8.88)


615. Softer than mushrooms. (The Latin word fungus meant mushroom, although of course it also gives us the English word "fungus." In Italian, it still means "mushroom," so if you want mushrooms on your pizza, ask for pizza ai funghi!) Mollior fungis.


616. Sweeter beyond honey and honeycomb. (This is a phrase you will find in the Biblical Book of Psalms.)


617. Both birth and worth, unless there is achievement, are more cheaper than seaweed. (You can find this saying in Horace.)


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