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Group 86: Latin


1124. Ingenium superat vires.

1125. Necessitas dat ingenium.

1126. Necessitas amicum probat.

1127. Fors omnia versat.

1128. Fortes fortuna adiuvat.

1129. Audaces fortuna iuvat.

1130. Tempus omnia revelat.

1131. Tempus omnia sanat.

1132. Deus gubernat navem.

1133. Homo cogitat sed deus iudicat.





Study Guide


1124. Talent overcomes strength. (You can see this motto illustrated in one of Whitney's Emblems.)


1125. Necessity prompts ingenuity. (Compare an English saying already recorded in 1519: Nede taught hym wytte. The modern saying is "Necessity is the mother of invention.")


1126. Necessity tests a friend. (The phrase is from a letter of Cassiodorus.)


1127. Chance overturns everything. (You can find this in one of Vergil's Eclogues.)


1128. Fortune gives help to the strong. (You can find this saying in Terence.)


1129. Fortune helps the bold. (A fuller form of the phrase is Audaces fortuna iuvat, timidosque repellit, "Fortune helps the bold, and pushes away the timid.")


1130. Time reveals all things. (You can find this saying in Tertullian.)


1131. Time heals all things. (Compare this similar saying: Tempore omnia vulnera sanabuntur, "In time, all woulds will heal.")


1132. God steers the ship. (This is the Renfrew family motto.)


1133. Man thinks but God judges. (This is a saying from Alcuin. Please note there is a typographical error in the first printed edition of Latin Via Proverbs. The phrase should read: Homo cogitat sed deus iudicat.)


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