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Group 87: Latin


1134. Furor arma ministrat.

1135. Dolor excitat iras.

1136. Dat ira vires.

1137. Mora dat vires.

1138. Gutta cavat lapidem.

1139. Imbrem amat terra.

1140. Aestatem temperat umbra.

1141. Nox pudore vacat.

1142. Fabas indulcat fames.

1143. Omnis labor optat praemium.





Study Guide


1134. Rage supplies the weapons. (You can find this phrase in Vergil's Aeneid.)


1135. Pain provokes feelings of anger. (This is also a phrase from Vergil's Aeneid.)


1136. Anger bestows strength. (This is a variant on a phrase from in Seneca's Troades.)


1137. Delay gives strength. (You can find this phrase in Ovid's Remedia Amoris.)


1138. A drop carves out the stone. (The complete form of the phrase is gutta cavat lapidem, non vi, sed saepe cadendo, "a drop carves out the stone, not by force by falling again and again." Compare also this saying in Ovid: Gutta cavat lapidem, consumitur anulus usu, "A drop carves out the stone, a ring is worn away with use.")


1139. The land loves the rain. (Compare the similar saying tellus amat imbrem, "the earth loves the rain," or terra guadet imbre, "the land rejoices in the rain.")


1140. The shade tempers the summer heat. (The Latin word aestas, means "summer" and hence also "summer heat.")


1141. Night is lacking in shame. (This saying is adapted from Ovid's Amores.)


1142. Hunger makes the beans sweet. (There are many similar sayings in Latin, such as Dulcescit faba frigida, quando famescit, "The cold bean is sweet when one is hungry.")


1143. Every effort wants its reward. (Compare a similar saying, quantus labor, tantum praemium, "so much the work, so much the reward.")


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