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Group 102: Latin


1329. Latet hamus in esca.

1330. Amicus dum olla fervet.

1331. Graculus graculo assidet.

1332. Lupus non mordet lupum.

1333. Inter simios oportet esse simium.

1334. Dominus habet oculos centum.

1335. In occipitio quoque habet oculos.

1336. Habet deus suas horas et moras.

1337. Etiam capillus unus habet umbram suam.

1338. Figulus figulo invidet, faber fabro.

1339. Avarus aurum deum habet.

1340. Semper avarus eget, hunc nulla pecunia replet.

1341. Tranquillas etiam naufragus horret aquas.





Study Guide


1329. There's a hook hiding in the food. (This is the moral of an Aesop's fable about a thief trying to lure a dog with food.)


1330. A friend, so long as the pot is boiling. (Compare the similar phrase, Dum fervet olla, vivit amicitia, "So long as the pot is boiling, the friendship lives.")


1331. One jackdaw stands by another. (In other words, "birds of a feather flock together.")


1332. Wolf does not bite wolf. (Another way of saying that birds of a feather flock together.)


1333. Among monkeys, you need to be a monkey. (A more pointed version of "When in Rome, do as the Romans.")


1334. The master has a hundred eyes. (You can see th master's eye at work in this Aesop's fable about the stag trying to hide in the stable.)


1335. He also has eyes in the back of his head. (You can find this saying in Plautus.)


1336. God has times and his delays. (In other words, God acts, or does not act, at will.)


1337. Even a single hair has its shadow. (You can find this saying in Publilius Syrus.)


1338. One potter envies another, and carpenter envies carpenter. (You can find this saying expressed more forcefully, Figulus figulum odit., "One potter hates another.")


1339. The greedy person regards gold as a god. (A fuller form of this saying is avarus, aurum Deum habet, et vorantium Deus venter est, "the greedy man has gold as his god, and the stomach is the God of gluttons.")


1340. The greedy person always lacks something; no money can fill him up. (This saying is found in a set of proverbs attributed to Bede.)


1341. A shipwrecked person shudders at the water, even when it is tranquil. (You can find this saying in Ovid.)


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