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Group 129: Latin


1687. Tempus fugit.

1688. Veritas elucescit.

1689. Veritas non erubescit.

1690. Veritas odium parit.

1691. Raritas pretium facit.

1692. Vestis virum facit.

1693. Animus omnia vincit.

1694. Scelus omnia vincit.

1695. Mors omnia solvit.

1696. Deus omnia dirigit.


Proverbs 1681-1690

Proverbs 1691-1700


Study Guide


1687. Time flees. (A fuller form of the phrase is Tempus fugit, nec revertitur, "time flees and does not return.")


1688. Truth is enlightening. (You can find this expression in Cassiodorus.)


1689. Truth does not blush. (You can find this expression in Tertullian.)


1690. Truth engenders hatred. (A fuller form of the phrase is Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit, "Servility engenders friends, truth engenders hatred," in Erasmus's Adagia, 2.9.53.)


1691. Scarcity makes something valuable. (You can also find this saying in the form rerum raritas pretium fecit, "the scarcity of things makes them valuable.")


1692. Clothes make the man. (You can find this in Erasmus's Adagia, 3.1.60.)


1693. Bravery overcomes all things. (Translating the Latin word animus is extremely difficult, since it covers such a wide range of English meaning. A fuller form of this phrase is Omnia deficiant: animus tamen omnia vincit, "All things fail, but bravery overcomes all things.")


1694. Crime overcomes everything. (You will find this in the pseudo-Vergilian Ciris.)


1695. Death loosens all things. (This profound and suggestive profound has a legal provenance, referring to the fact that death terminates legal relationships.)


1696. God directs all things. (You can find this saying in Thomas Aquinas.)

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