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Group 178: Latin


2304. Sic erat in fatis.

2305. Ver erat aeternum.

2306. Sicut erat in principio.

2307. In principio erat verbum.

2308. Dum fata deusque sinebat.

2309. Stabat mater dolorosa iuxta crucem lacrimosa.

2310. Tantae molis erat Romanam condere gentem.

2311. Orbem iam totum victor Romanus habebat.

2312. Putabat se coleum Iovis tenere.

2313. Irus et est subito qui modo Croesus erat.

2314. Non formosus erat, sed erat facundus Ulixes.

2315. Mulciber in Troiam, pro Troia stabat Apollo.

2316. Tales casus Cassandra canebat.


Study Guide


2304. Thus was it destined.


2305. There was a springtime everlasting.


2306. So it was in the beginning.


2307. In the beginning was the word.


2308. So long as the fates and the god allowed.


2309. The grieving mother stood by the cross, weeping.


2310. Such a great effort it was to establish the Roman nation.


2311. The Roman conqueror held now the whole world.  


2312. He thought he held Jupiter by the balls.


2313. Just now rich as Croesus, he suddenly is now poor as Irus.


2314. He was not handsome, but Ulysses was skilled in speech.


2315. Vulcan stood against Troy, and Apollo for her.


2316. Such are the calamities that Cassandra sang of.





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