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Group 180: Latin


2328. Lauda finem.

2329. Festina lente.

2330. Diu delibera.

2331. Capta maiora.

2332. Parentes ama, familiam cura.

2333. Aeternitatem cogita.

2334. Obsta principiis.

2335. Rem omnem considera.

2336. Tempera te tempori.

2337. Verba rebus proba.

2338. Separa et impera.

2339. Persta et obdura.

2340. Persevera per severa.


Study Guide


2328. Praise the finish.


2329. Make haste slowly.


2330. Ponder  at length.


2331. Seize the greater things.


2332. Love your parents; take care of your family.


2333. Think about eternity.


2334. Put a stop to things at the very start.


2335. Consider the whole business.


2336. Adapt yourself to the time.


2337. Test words with deeds.


2338. Divide and conquer.


2339. Persist and stand firm.


2340. Persevere through severities.





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