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Group 182: Latin


2351. Servate fidem cineri.

2352. Date obolum Belisario.

2353. Date Caesari quae sunt Caesaris.

2354. Fructu, non foliis, arborem aestima.

2355. Panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie.

2356. Ora et labora, deus adest sine mora.

2357. Ora et labora, nam mors venit omni hora.

2358. A morte aeterna libera nos, domine!

2359. Ab amico indiscreto libera nos, domine!

2360. Castiga amicum clanculum, lauda palam.

2361. Neque culpa neque lauda teipsum.

2362. Propera vivere et singulos dies singulas vitas puta.

2363. Honora patrem tuum et matrem tuam.

2364. Mea mater, mea pater; lupus est filium tuum!


Study Guide


2351. Keep faith with the ashes.


2352. Given a penny to Belisarius.


2353. Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's.


2354. Judge a tree by its fruit, not its leaves.


2355. Give to us today our daily bread.


2356. Pray and work; God will help if you do not shirk.


2357. Pray and work, for death approaches with each moment.


2358. Free us from eternal death, Lord!


2359. Free us from an indiscrete friend, O Lord!


2360. Chastise your friend privately; praise him publicly.


2361. Do not either blame or praise yourself.


2362. Make haste to live, and think about every day as if it were a lifetime.


2363. Honor your father and your mother.


2364. Come, mother; come, father; a wolf is eating your child.

(The fun of this saying is in the Latin homographs - which are impossible to recreate in English, I'm afraid.)





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