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Group 183: Latin


2365. Sapiens, sile.

2366. Ride, si sapis.

2367. Cave furem.

2368. Cave ancillam.

2369. In dubiis abstine.

2370. Quod tuum, tene.

2371. Si vis scire, doce.

2372. Sapere aude et tace.

2373. Quantum potes, tantum aude.

2374. Rivalem patienter habe.

2375. Fortunam reverenter habe.

2376. Ave atque vale.

2377. Ave, Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum.


Study Guide


2365. O wise one, be silent.


2366. Laugh, if you are wise.


2367. Beware the thief.


2368. Beware the chambermaid.


2369. When things are doubtful, refrain.


2370. Hold on to what is yours.


2371. If  you want to know, teach.


2372. Dare to be wise and keep silent.


2373. Dare however much you are able.


2374. Put up patiently with your rival.


2375. Have a healthy respect for luck.


2376. Hail and farewell.


2377. Hail, Mary, full of grace; the Lord is with you.




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