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Group 186: Latin


2403. Vive dum vivis.

2404. Age officium tuum.

2405. Permitte divis cetera.

2406. Elige viam optimam.

2407. Elige ex malis minima.

2408. Mediam viam elige.

2409. Bono vince malum.

2410. A bonis bona disce.

2411. Fidere disce deo.

2412. Naturae convenienter vive.

2413. Disce parvo esse contentus.

2414. Aut disce aut discede.

2415. Si vis regnare, divide.

2416. Respice, adspice, prospice.

2417. Tu ne cede malis.


Study Guide


2403. Live while you are alive.


2404. Do your job.


2405. Leave the rest to the gods.


2406. Choose the best way.


2407. Choose the lesser of the evils.


2408. Choose the middle way.


2409. Conquer evil with good.


2410. Learn good from the good.


2411. Learn to trust in god.


2412. Live in accordance with nature.


2413. Learn to be satisfied with just a little.


2414. Either learn or leave.


2415. If you wish to rule, divide.


2416. Look back, look at, look ahead.


2417. Don't yield to evil things.

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