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Group 190: Latin


2451. Vade in pace.

2452. Respice post te.

2453. Vive in diem.

2454. Vive memor mortis.

2455. Age quod agis.

2456. Age quid libet.

2457. Age, si quid agis.

2458. Tu te consule.

2459. Redde quod debes.

2460. Suum cuique tribue.

2461. Deme supercilio nubem.


Study Guide


2451. Go in peace.


2452. Look behind you.


2453. Live for the day.


2454. Live, keeping death in mind.


2455. Do what you're doing.

 (i.e., stick to the business at hand)


2456. Do the thing that is pleasing.


2457. If you're going to do something, do it.


2458. Consult with yourself.


2459. Pay back what you owe.


2460. Assign to each his own.


2461. Remove that cloud from your brow. 

(You can find this saying in Horace, Epistle 1.18.)




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