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Group 191: Latin


2462. Leoninam pellem indue.

2463. In propria pelle quiesce.

2464. Messe tenus propria vive.

2465. Corde expelle desidiam tuo.

2466. Certum voto pete finem.

2467. Tutos pete, navita, portus!

2468. Tua ipsius vitia inspice.

2469. In tuum ipsius sinum inspice.

2470. Nosce te, nosce animum tuum.

2471. Cum imperas, rege te ipsum.

2472. Ex uno disce omnes.

2473. In omnibus rebus respice finem.

2474. Si vis pacem, cole iustitiam.


Study Guide


2462. Put on the lion's skin.


2463. Be at peace in your own skin.


2464. Live according to the extent of your own harvest.


2465. Drive out laziness from your heart.


2466. Set a definite limit to your wishing. 

(This is another phrase you can find in Horace.)


2467. Seek safe harbors, O sailor!


2468. Look at your own vices. 

(You can also find this saying in a variant form: Tua propria inspice vitia.)


2469. Look into your own bosom.


2470. Know yourself, know your mind.


2471. When you rule, rule yourself.


2472. From one, learn them all.


2473. In all business affairs, consider the end.


2474. If you want peace, cultivate justice.





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