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Group 192: Latin


2475. Si deficit faenum, accipe stramen.

2476. Tu si me amas, canem meum dilige.

2477. Si fore vis sanus, ablue saepe manus.

2478. Ebibe vas totum, si vis cognoscere potum.

2479. A casu describe diem, non solis ab ortu.

2480. Cuius edis panem, illius et aspice nutum.

2481. Dum fata sinunt, vivite laeti.

2482. Nulli nimium credite.

2483. Non opus est verbis, credite rebus.

2484. Sumite materiam vestris qui scribitis aequam viribus.


Study Guide


2475. If you don't have hay, settle for straw.


2476. If  you love me, your must like my dog.

(You can find this in many forms, including this third-person version: Quisquis amat dominum, diligit et catulum.)


2477. If you want to be healthy, wash your hands frequently.


2478. Drink the whole vessel, if you want to know the beverage.


2479. Describe the day at sunset, not from at the sunrise.


2480. If you eat someone's bread, you must also regard his nod.


2481. While the fates allow, live happily.


2482. Trust no one too much.


2483. There is no need of words; put your faith in real things.


2484. You who write, take up a subject matter equal to your strengths.

(This is another item from Horace.)




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