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Group 193: Latin


2485. I in malam rem.

2486. Abi hinc in malam crucem.

2487. Abi ad Acherontem.

2488. Abi ad corvos.

2489. Bonus intra, melior exi.

2490. Es, bibe, lude, veni.

2491. Ede, bibe, lude, post mortem nulla voluptas.

2492. Audi, vide, tace, si vis vivere in pace.

2493. Audi alteram partem.

2494. Claude os, aperi oculos.

2495. Lumen accipe et imperti.

2496. Bonum para nomen et dormi secure.


Study Guide 


2485. Go to hell.

(Literally: go to the bad thing.)


2486. Go away and get hanged.

(Literally: go onto the bad cross, i.e. get yourself crucified, as a Roman criminal.)


2487. Go to Acheron.

(Acheron is the proverbial river of the land of the dead.)


2488. Go to the crows.

(Crows are proverbial for feeding on corpses.)


2489. Enter as a good person, leave as a better one.


2490. Eat, drink, play, come.


2491. Eat, drink, play; after death, there is no fun.


2492. Listen, look, stay silent, if you wish to live in peace.


2493. Hear the other side.


2494. Close your mouth, open your eyes.


2495. Acquire the light and pass it on.


2496. Secure a good name for yourself, and sleep without worry.




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