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Group 196: Latin


2526. Ite, si itis.

2527. Ite et videte.

2528. Ite in pace.

2529. Ite, ecce ego mitto vos sicut agnos inter lupos.

2530. Romani, ite domum!

2531. Ferte fortiter.

2532. Audite et intellegite.

2533. Sperate et vivite fortes.

2534. Sperate, miseri; cavete, felices!

2535. Spes et Fortuna, valete; ludificate alios!

2536. Adeste, fideles!

2537. Veni, creator spiritus!


Study Guide


2526. Get going, if you're going.

2527. Go and see.

2528. Go in peace.

2529. Go; behold I send you like lambs among the wolves.

2530. Romans, go home!

2531. Bear up bravely!

2532. Listen and understand.

2533. Be hopeful, and live bravely.

2534. Be hopeful, you who are wretched; be careful, you who are happy.

2535. So long, Hope and Luck; go fool some other folks.

2536. Come here, you faithful ones.

2537. Come, creator Spirit!




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