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Group 201: Latin


2596. Vivet post funera virtus.

2597. Lingua mollis confringet duritiam.

2598. Prosperitas stultorum perdet illos.

2599. Bonis nocet qui malis parcet.

2600. Divisum sic breve fiet opus.

2601. Cinis fiet corpus nostrum.

2602. Malus ipse fiet qui convivet cum malis.

2603. Qualia quisque geret, talia quisque feret.

2604. Quidquid in occulto est, in apricum proferet aetas.

2605. Arbores serit agricola quarum adspiciet baccam ipse numquam.


Study Guide


2596. Personal worth will live on after the funeral rituals.

2597. A soft tongue will be able to shatter hardness.

2598. The good fortune of fools will destroy them.

2599. He who will show mercy to the wicked does harm to the good.

2600. When the work is divided, thus it will become short.

2601. Our body will become ashes.

2602. He will become wicked who consorts with the wicked.

2603.  Whatever a person will do, that's what he will carry away.

2604. Whatever is in hiding, time will bring forth into the light of day.

2605. The farmer plants trees whose fruit he will never see for himself





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