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Group 206: Latin


2656. Quod sumus, hoc eritis.

2657. Vivam, parsque mei multa superstes erit.

2658. Semper amica mihi, semper et uxor eris.

2659. Donec eris felix, multos numerabis amicos.

2660. Tristis eris, si solus eris.

2661. Semper pauper eris, si pauper es.

2662. Rex eris, si recte facies.

2663. Si veritas te liberabit, vere liber eris.

2664. Erunt novissimi primi et primi novissimi.

2665. Ubi multi sunt vituli, ibi multi erunt boves.

2666. Mille mali species, mille salutis erunt.

2667. Vitia erunt donec homines.

2668. Non semper Saturnalia erunt.


Study Guide


2656. What we are, you will be.

2657. I will live, and a great part of me will survive.

2658. Always my friend, and always my wife you will be.

2659. So long as you are lucky, your friends will be many in number.

2660. You will be sad, if you are alone.

2661. A poor man you will always be, if you are one now.

2662. You will be a ruler, if you stay straight as a ruler.

2663. If the truth will set you free, you will truly be free.

2664. Those who are first will become the last in line, and those who are last will be first.

2665. Where there are many calves, in that place there will be many cows.

2666. There are a thousand forms of disaster, and a thousand forms of well-being.

2667. There will be flaws so long as there will be people.

2668. It will not always be Saturnalia (party-time).




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