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Group 207: Latin


2669. In medio tutissimus ibis.

2670. Terra es et in terram ibis.

2671. Ibis redibis numquam peribis.

2672. Omnia transibunt.

2673. Mortalia facta peribunt.

2674. Nubecula est, pertransibit.

2675. Qui amat periculum, in illo peribit.

2676. Villosum pedibus leporem testudo praeibit.

2677. Qui laqueum alii ponit, peribit in illo.

2678. Ver redit, non redibit mea iuventus.

2679. Nudus ut in terram venio, sic nudus abibo.

2680. Aut vincam aut peribo.


Study Guide


2669. You will go most safely down the middle.


2670. You are earth and into the earth you will go.


2671. You will go, you will return - never - you will die.

(It's hard to convey the ambiguity of the Latin, where free word order makes it easy to interpret the omen as a good one, Ibis - redibis - numquam peribis, "You will go, you will return, you will never die," when it turns out to be a bad one: Ibis - redibis  numquam - peribis, "You will go, you will never return, you will die.")


2672. All things will pass.


2673. Mortal deeds will perish.


2674. It is a little wisp of cloud; it will pass.


2675. He who loves danger will die in danger.


2676. The turtle will outdistance the furry rabbit on foot.


2677. He who puts out a trap for someone else will perish in that trap.


2678. Spring returns; my youth will not return.


2679. As I come naked into the earth, so naked I will depart.


2680. Either I will win or I will perish.




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