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Imperative with Object

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Imperative with Object


One of the simplest kind of two-word proverbs is one that uses an imperative. With an imperative, the subject is already implied in the verb itself, so you can combine the imperative with an object, and have a nice two-word saying!


You can put the object first:

Aeternitatem cogita.

Aleam fuge.

Altiora pete.

Animum rege.

Certum pete.

Cognatos cole.

Datum serva.

Familiam cura.

Iracundiam rege.

Iusiurandum serva.

Liberos erudi.

Litteras disce.

Magistrum metue.

Mutuum da.

Neminem laede.

Nuces relinque.

Occasionem cognosce.

Parentes ama.

Recta pete.

Teipsum inspice.


You can also put the object in second position:


Arripe ansam.

Capta maiora.

Carpe diem.

Cave ancillam.

Cave canem.

Cave furem.

Compesce mentem.

Fuge magna.

Impelle obstantia.

Lauda finem.

Nosce teipsum.

Nosce tempus.

Omitte vatem.

Pelle timorem.

Praedica verbum.

Respice finem.

Serva modum.

Aedificate alterutrum.

Colligite fragmenta.

Custodite iudicium.

Facite iustitiam.

Scrutamini scripturas.


Notice that it doesn't make any difference whether you use the singular or plural imperative forms; you can make your choice based on which alternative, singular or plural, sounds best to you.

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