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Verbum Sapienti

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Verbum Sapienti: Latin Composition Via Proverbs


Here at the wiki, I will be piloting materials for a new book, tentatively titled Verbum Sapienti: Latin Composition Via Proverbs. I hope to publish the book with Lulu.com in the summer of 2010. In the meantime, please feel free to print out the pages and exercises to use for your classes; my only request is the you credit the pages as follows: Laura Gibbs, LatinViaProverbs.com. Your feedback and input would be very much appreciated; you can leave comments here at the wiki, or at my Aesopus Ning, which has a discussion forum dedicated to proverbs. For the latest news and updates, you can subscribe to my daily email Latin round-up of fables and proverbs: Bestiaria Latina.


PATTERNS: Proverb syntax.


This section of the book will contain a review of the syntactic patterns commonly used to create proverbs.


Melius est

Predicate Adjective

Predicate Noun

Imperative with Adverb

Imperative with Object

Imperatives with other Complements



POETRY: Proverb style.


This section of the book will contain a review of the poetic features that lend style to the proverbs.





FABLES: Proverbs as morals.


This section of the book will contain the texts of various Aesop's fables in Latin, along with the proverbs that have been associated with those fables by classical, medieval and Renaissance Latin authors. You can practice supplying your own proverbs as the morals!

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